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A small orange reviews & expert opinion - october 2017

Like so many other web hosting providers purchased by EIG, a great web host has been turned incredibly bad. Check out the rating over time graph in the review dashboard, and you will see a clear contrast when our user reviews turned from high praise to outright disgust.

We kept a close eye on A Small Orange after the purchase, and although some negative reviews started to appear, things were still very respectable, and indeed we used their Cloud & Dedicated servers for some time after the purchase ourselves.

We first took note on how bad things had become, after the Arvixe migration debacle (another company that EIG bought), and how there was a total break down in the support provided by Arvixe, lost files, broken website resulting in the sacking of the majority of the Arvixe staff. This has relevance to A Small Orange, as it was their support and management team that was charged with picking up the pieces. As you can imagine, at that time, things has got so bad (support response times in excess of a week) that A Small Orange was always going to face a losing battle.

Unfortunately, the policy of EIG to move all their ticket support to India has, and unfortunately, still is a disaster.

Editor's note: We hate to be negative about hosting providers, especially when we have past dealings with them, but for the time being we recommend you avoid EIG owned hosting providers. Fortunately, you can filter out all EIG-owned hosting providers in our Hosting Review tables.


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