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Linux dedicated servers - ark: survival evolved

This is about all you will ever see in this console for now. The error can mean one of two things. First, you haven't setup the open file limit properly. If you have, then ignore the error. At this time the error can be cause by the file limit being too low, or the fact that it shouldn't even be making that call in the first place. Remember, right now it's an Alpha Early Access release.

However, even with that error on the screen, if your file limits are set right, and your ports are open, you should be good to go. For now the only way to really tell if the server is up and running, other than logging in with the game client, is to look at system performance and the memory used by the server. Yeah... I know how that sounds, but right now that is just where it is at.

In Ubuntu you'll want to open the System Monitor. Look for ShooterGameServer and if it's eating 3+ GB ofRAM, then it should be up and running. Do keep in mind that right now I've seen this server take over 20 minutes to be up and responding. Give it time. Tons of it. They have been making massive improvements in the boot speed of the server, so it should be up much faster.

The previous issues with linux autosaving on exit seem to have been corrected. Also be aware that the server now autosaves every 15 minutes.

Save yourself endless misery with the following in game commands to force the server to save. For this you will need your ServerAdminPassword and you'll have to enter the following cheat commands:
(they are admin commands, but they call them cheat commands... go figure!)


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