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Cheap web hosting sites • top 10 • november 2017

After a year of relentless escalation, most shared web hosting plans now come with "Unlimited" disk space and bandwidth!

Too good to be true?


Don't fall for it! Many restrictions apply!

Of course, the terms & conditions of each hosting company and or hosting plan will vary, but most of the time, if you try to really go unlimited you will hit one of these limits:

  • The unlimited diskspace can only be used for public web content. It cannot be used for:
    • password protected content
    • or backups
    • etc.
  • The unlimited bandwidth can only be used for "regular web pages", not for:
    • videos
    • software downloads
    • podcasts
    • etc.
  • There may still be limitations on the number of web requests per second your server can handle.
  • There may still be limitations on the processor time your scripts can use.

Does it matter?


Unless you're actually trying to run high traffic sites at virtually no cost, you should not really be concerned about this. Actually, the fact that everybody has aligned on "unlimited" will let you shift your focus on more interesting differentiating factors between software companies, such as:

  • Is their software up to date?
  • Is their platform secure?
  • Is their…
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