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Top 10 linux server distributions of 2017

ClearOS is an open-source Linux operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS that combines a server, network and gateway platform.

Formerly called ClarkConnect, ClearOS has gained traction as a viable Linux server option, particularly in the small business market. With its highly touted administration interfaces and superior documentation, ClearOS ClearOS serves as an ideal option for less-experienced admins or for anyone looking to get up and running on a Linux server OS quickly and without a lot of fuss.

ClearOS offers a free, open source Community edition as well as an inexpensive Professional version that includes a range of support options and additional features. The Clear Foundation maintains ClearOS and the ClearCenter Marketplace, which serves as an app store with both free and paid apps for extending the capabilities of ClearOS.

The latest major release of ClearOS, ClearOS 7, became available for download in March 2015. The most recent update, ClearOS 7.2, offers ClearOS Home and ClearOS Business editions, improved VM support (including Microsoft Hyper-V), XFS and BTRFS Filesystem support, a new Dynamic Dashboard, streamlined Theme system, support for LVM caching, and IPv6 support.


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