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The 10 best pc games of 2014 | pcworld

Hayden: Here's basically how our Game of the Year conversation went: "So Wasteland 2 takes it, right?" "Yup."

Wasteland 2 isn't perfect. This post-apocalyptic follow-up to a 25-year-old game has its share of weird quirks. However, both Brad and I agree it's the game we had the best time with this year, and it's a lot of time too—I'm rocking 50+ hours, and Brad isn't far behind. It's a great showing for what's possible with Kickstarter—the resurrection of the dead CRPG genre!—and a great showing for PC gaming in general.

Brad: The writing shines in WL2, but it's the sheer flexibility of the game that wows me: Every obstacle can be conquered in multiple ways, and you're held accountable for every decision. The cries from burning Highpool still haunt me.

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