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Every consultant should have a website or blog. But no consultant should have to deal with the headaches that can come with hosting your website with the wrong company.

A common question we get from consultants is “where should I register my website name and how can I host my website?”

There are hundreds of companies that offer domain name registration (the name of your website, eg. is ours) and hosting services (imagine renting a piece of property up in cyberspace where your website resides).

And while there are many companies offering these services there aren’t as many that do a really good job of it. When choosing a hosting company there are a few things you should consider:

And while there are many companies offering these services there aren’t as many that do a really good job of it.

What to Look For

Reliability – there’s no point having a website or blog if it experiences too much down time and no one can reach it.

Customer Service – this one is huge. I’ve been involved in website building projects for over a decade in one form or another yet I still have technical questions from time to time. And when you have a question, you want a company that will answer it fast.

Ease of Use – With this you’re looking for the admin panel that you log into to make changes and manage your hosting details to be easy to use.

Price – There are a wide range of prices available. Depending on what your requirements are, for example, whether your website gets 100, 500, 1000, or 50,000 visitors a day makes a difference. Your hosting package needs to be able to handle the load of traffic you’ll receive. For 90% of website owners a basic hosting package will be enough and will easily manage 500+ visitors a day.

Recommended Hosting Companies

  • 1&1 Internet – Great 24hr service and reliable.
  • HostGator – Very affordable.
  • GoDaddy – Good deals and reliable.
  • BlueHost – Customer service and reliability

For the average consultants website any of these companies will do just fine. We’ve used all of them except for BlueHost – however, I’ve added it as I’ve heard good things about them, so you may want to check them out.

All of these companies meet the above criteria. They have very affordable plans, both for registering your consulting name and for hosting your website or blog. Most don’t cost more than $6-$8 a month to host a website, and some are even less.

Mixed Reviews

If you search online you’ll quickly find a lot of mixed reviews. One person will say they love one company and then you’ll find someone that says that same company sucks. I can only tell you from my experience. No company is perfect, but the above get the job done and because they have good customer service they can answer any question you might have.

You can spend a lot of money with the wrong hosting company. Or you can save a lot by using the right one. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful to register a domain name for your consulting company, a new project, or to host your website or blog. If you want to change over an existing website you have just give the company a call and they’ll let you know how to go about that.

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