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Because we understand that gaming time is precious, all our GAME dedicated servers come with the most powerful anti-DDoS designed for gaming on the market. This technology provides two-way mitigation (incoming and outgoing traffic). Before players notice an attack, it will already have been thwarted.

Tailor-made for gaming

The high frequency of Intel i7 processors and their Turbo Boost coupled with the speed of SSD or NVMe storage allow for the best gaming conditions! Providing maximum comfort and minimal latency for your players. Our three configurations offer a wide choice of performance to meet the toughest requirements: from gaming communities to professional resellers.

CPU potential unlocked

Thanks to our unique cooling technology, we can offer you the overclocked version of the i7-7700K! With overclocking, you unleash a CPU's power and increase its frequency to 4.7 GHz, and to 5 GHz in Turbo Boost modeĀ® !


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