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Save location on dedicated server? :: space engineers общие обсуждения

I'm trying to find where the saves are on the dedicated server but not having much luck. I checked in C:\Users\steam\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Default\Saves but the only thing there is a last loaded file which is only a few KB in size.

I also checked the SE folder with the Dedicated in the title and nothing there as well. There have been like 5 different worlds hosted on this server thus far and they were several MB so they should be easy to spot in the folders listed. On my personal computer the saves are in that location and SEToolbox is able to find the files on the Dedicated server so it doesn't make sense they aren't there.

Sadly SEToolbox doesn't show where it's getting this list from. The save option doesn't show where it's saving to and trying to open another directory just defaults to My Documents folder.


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