halo 2 pc dedicated servers

You can play halo 2 with 1080p, 60fps, dedicated servers and xbox one controllers today. : halo

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Little Chief and big Chief

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Can we please get a shot like this in Halo 6?

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Probably the saddest thing I've done in Halo 5

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A Demon Rises - New Screenshot! Proud of how this one turned out! :)

Hubris |A Gorgeous Halo 5 1v1 Map

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Clearing a warzone base solo

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“Noble 6” - The Fall Tattooing Co. By G

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Does anyone think domesticating a flood infection form and turning them into a dog or cat like pet is a good idea??? I always thought they were kind of cute and would make good pets.

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Players in Warzone Firefight are the Worst

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Major fixes aside, what small changes would you like to see in the upcoming MCC update?


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