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Windows Hosting is any type of hosting that uses a Windows operating system for administration and maintenance. This is almost always in contrast to hosting on a server with a Unix operating system.

What is Windows?

Windows is Microsoft’s famous operating system. In contrast to its predecessor MS-DOS, Windows uses a Graphical User Interface that allows its users to more readily visualize their experience navigating the computer system.

Windows has undergone a wide range of modification over the years since its original inception in 1985. These alterations have usually been focused on making the Windows environment more user-friendly.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Hosting

Businesses looking for hosting can effectively select between two main types of operating systems when shopping for servers: Windows or Unix. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, which means that the process of deciding which one might be more advantageous for a given business involves taking stock of business priorities and goals.

Windows Hosting should be a company’s go – to option if that company intends to work heavily with the development of Windows-specific utilities in conjunction with server use.

Windows systems tend to be less stable than Unix-based servers due their decreased ability to handle heavier loads and maintain high availability. This means slightly more server downtime and the occasional ‘bogged down’ time.

General performance is comparable between the operating systems, but Windows servers tend to be less adaptable if changes need to be made to the server based on a business’s evolving requirements. However, some Unix software occasionally suffers compatibility issues with widely-used Microsoft technologies like .NET.

In terms of price, Unix operating systems tend to be cheaper than Microsoft.


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