killing floor dedicated server fatal error

Killing floor 2 server won't show up on the server browser. : killingfloor

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"Whats that sonny? I canny hear you over this wicked burn"

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KF2 turned a year old yesterday (from the official steam release, that is) I made a celebratory review and retrospective!

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Could we get airstrikes back when we get the M32?

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WTB Viewmodel Slider, The Bi-Annual Request.

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Facial Animations?

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What's your smallest problem with the game?

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Gaze into the Dosh for too long, and the Dosh will gaze back at you

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Guys Literally Only Want One Thing And It's Fucking Disgusting

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The Eviscerator with the Neon Katana skin actually looks pretty cool.

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