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6y You have to upload the maps VPK to the addons folder of your server. Use your server's FTP to do so.

This Firefox plugin is easy to use. Im Lost! avatar

6y thanks, for your help.

But i have installed it to the servers addon folder with the firefox plugin. but how can i use / start it? Bananite

6y > **Posted by Beastmaster99**

> thanks, for your help.
> But i have installed it to the servers addon folder with the firefox plugin. but how can i use / start it?

Start the custom map? Just the same way has you would with a original map.

Do you use sv_search_key ? or connect through the steam group servers? Im Lost! avatar

6y Hi,

i have all campaigns in a map circle...that means that one campaign start after finishing the campaign before (without break)...and neverending. (Sorry for my english...i am german)

i´ve loaded the custom Campaign in the server´s addon folder.

and now i want to start this custom Campaign out of my Admin menue. i know that it is possible like postet here


but i can´t see what i have to write in this folder exactly.

Regards Bananite

6y Ok, I get what you mean.

Some VPK's are corrupt and the only way to get them on your sourcemod menu is by splitting the VPK's and turning them into BPS's, that way you get select the map you want via the control panel. Here's what to do.

Make a new folder on your desktop (call it what ever you want).

Drag over the VPK to the folder you just created on the desktop.

Then go to steam/steamapps/common/left4dead/bin and search for a .exe called vpk

Click and drag the VPK over to the vpk.exe in the bin folder and it will break down the VPK into BSP's inside the folder on the desktop.

Now open the file it's just created(normaly the map name) and find the maps folder, then copy all the BSP's inside that folder and place them into steam/steamapps/common/left4dead2/left4dead2/maps.

Now load up your FTP and just upload the maps folder from the Left 4 Dead 2 directory (what you've just copied the BSP's into) and thats it.

Now that your server has the VPK's and the BSP's the maps will now show up on your admin panel.

Hope that helps :) Im Lost! avatar

6y good morning,

great, i will test it this evening. One another question:

Where do i have to install the custom campaign on my computer...in the addon folder...

splitted as on the server...or as "vpk"

Regards Bananite

6y > **Posted by Beastmaster99**

> Everyone who wants to play on this server (...this addon campaigns with us) has to do it in both ways?

Nah, just you. Im Lost! avatar

6y > **Posted by Beastmaster99**

> and the others have only to take the vpks in the addon folder?

Yup Im Lost! avatar

6y Thank you for your perfect help... it worked very fine.

Now i want to integrate one of these custom campaigns in our map circle (all Left4Dead 1 and 2 Campaigns run without break/lobby in a permanent circle)

How i can i do this? Bananite


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