race 07 dedicated server ports

Dedicated server race 07

Ok...maybe a bit late but i have again some questions. :biggrin:..maybe some of you have an idea...

My Race07/GTR Evo dedicated server is running still with dmz in the router...i can see a good ping and people can join...i can also see the other cars having a good ping...but the cars are warping and there are lags already with 2-3 cars...not drivable side by side...

Maybe a bandwith problem?? Or is there still a firewall thingie active??

I remember that in GTR, GTR2 and GTL you were able to set the clients to slower connection speed and the dedicated server also to have smaller package sizes...works fine...and i normally don`t cause lags when i run with ISDN-Connetcion speed with the game-PC
The dedicated server PC runs GTR2 and GTL servers perfectly..haven`t experienced there problems with much more cars...

I had a look with google searching for that problem and i found mayn similar posts but no real help.

So is there any idea or a entry in a file which can solve that?? smackeroo


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