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Race 07 dedicated server setup/ports - pc online - gaming


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Most sites are missing some ports this is why you will not have a working server
had the 5000 ping issue, port forward all ports below, still shows 5000 for some reason but i can join games now..

TCP+UDP open ports:
34297-34000 (type it as I have and it will open the two ports and all ports in between)

UDP only – open ports:

Modem currently used: NB16WV

PC1- gaming race07 – 1 steam account with all add-ons
PC2 IP – (ports forwarded\opened) – race07 dedicated server – 2 steam account with addon's must have another steam account to create server

mentioned on some sites: the online offline mode on some sites doesnt work as steam keeps logging in and out. and closing the server.. really simbim/steam give us a separate dedicated server...

hope this helps ...

before you start saying its the firewall or antivirus — turned off fire wall and no antivirus installed on the server/laptop as its just running steam for race 07 and its a mac.. running windows :) yes its annoying, SIMBIN fix your shit up...gaming is such a headache sometimes.


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