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Faq , here is solusion for known game problems ! :: race 07 allgemeine diskussionen

Solution is Simple :-)

1. First problem i know is Ping 5000 problem, u're host the Game and Plain' alone all the time, why cuz u have Ping 5000 lol (check ure ping, Make StandAlone Server is in Tools and Enter the Game and try to join your Server) if u have Ping 5000 here's the Final Solution:

You need to have the proper ports open, u can do it in your Modem/Router Menu
i've got Modem Menu in Browser when im entering my Modem Internal IP.
something like this, enter web site should be like : ( thats not your Interanl IP that's example ! )

Internet Game: TCP+UDP 48942 – 48957 and UDP 26900-26907
LAN Game: TCP+UDP 48942 - 48957 and UDP 48958-48973


check your firewall and open ports TCP+UDP 48942 – 48957 and UDP 26900-26907 or if you are using router you have to set-up port forwarding for the same ports

thats All problem Solved !

2. When i entering Server im Booted as Possible Cheat lol

So u have MODS instaled (a lot i suppose, OK) you Have to download Race Manager and for the session you have to Turn OFF some of them ( MODS) here's example:
You want to play on our Server (like always !_Ne01 etc...) we have GT-Pro session and u're entering and Disconeting to the Server List that becouse you have Mods in GT-Pro cars i have Pagani Huayra C9 and Mercedes SLR and all u have to do in Turn that Mods OFF ( you can do it manually Deleting acoording Mod Folders or Use SimRacingManager_v1.19_En just click in the Car and Turn OFF) and u're will be in Server and Playing like We do !

Here is Download for Manager:
and here you Have the all Directories in that Drive:

Thats it Problem Solved !

3. How to run Deditated Server with Mods?

What sort of problems with mods are you having with the server? Did you know that the dedicated server is installed in a separate directory than Race07? On my system, its in a folder called "Race07ds". All the mods you want on the server have to be placed in that folder. If you dont see a "Gamedata" folder it will have to be created.

4. Game crashes !
a. Mabe its a Mod that is wrong and Crashes the Game
b. U have to download latest stable Drivers for GFX


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