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Shut down Steam on your gaming machine (the one not running the dedi servers). Start up Steam on your dedi servers machine and go online and install the games you want to start the dedi server for.

Start up as many dedi servers on that machine as it will handle. You will have to experiment and find out what your machine can handle and the number of drivers you can have on at once. The dedi server machine can run Steam in Offline mode and still serve up the dedi servers- this way your main gaming machine Steam can be in Online mode and you can drive on the dedi server.

I do this for my league and it works great.

Hi, Thnx for your fast reaction and help.

Ok i understand the logic and can start multiple ded. Race07 servers on one PC.
But how about ports used for each ded. server? Each needs a specific portrange, which is saved in the DedicatedServer.ini
E.g. with 2 ded. servers you need 2 different DedicatedServer.ini 's.
Or do I think to complicated.


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