rust server dedicated server

Rust dedicated server cpu requirements? : playrust

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[Suggestion] Brighter night but add night fog. Then will be gamma useless

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Add this info to the loading screen for noobs crying about dying in steam negative reviews

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my raiding experience so far

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Carftable compass display for rust? What do you guys think if they added a compass that displayed on the top for easier call outs when in intense fights? If you have compass on hot bar or maybe even in your inventory it could will display a hud above like PUBG. Let me know what you think!

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Guys, I'm going for the airdrops!

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With the new hair incoming, make a big pubic hair for the censored version

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Rust servers 2 days into the wipe.

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[Suggestion] Water bucket wets players 100%

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Make the pump and bolt reload the amount of bullets you shot... not all 6/4 every time you shoot

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added male_hairstyle_01 to prefabs on skinupdates branch


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