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hey guys...
After Searching Deeply in this froum and mush Others... and being Unsuccesful in Finding the Problem i've decided to Post a thread and asking you MegaMinds! (lol actualy)
Now my problem is, when im trying to Run the Dedicated server on my "VPS" it runs Normaly But, with this problem

Protected game port (net_port): 27015 (needs to be NAT'ed out, also - use this port when direct-connecting (won't work if server is password protected))
Query port (net_masterServerPort): 27017 (you need to NAT this one out in order to make your server visible online)
Steam Game Server initialized as Internet Server.
No Steam Master Servers found. Server will LAN visible only.

as you can see my server is Running But in LAN mode -__-
also i want it in server list and there is no damn thing...
P.S: i Ran it in a "VPS" so there is no god damn portforwarding or a Firewall thing... So Please dont Remind me -_-
also i ran the Server on Steam with the same ports... its working but here im Done :|
actualy this is my Server.cfg if there is any problem tell me :commando:

// Server command-line parameters (this section is for documentation only)

// Specify server configuration file (this file)
//+set sv_config "filename" (default "server.cfg")

// Specify server visibility (1 = LAN, 2 = Internet (default) )
//+set dedicated 2

// Open game port (Steam-visible server game port)
//+set net_queryPort 27015

// Secure game port
//+set net_port 27016

// Steam authentication port
//+set net_authPort 8766

// Steam master server (server browser) port
//+set net_masterServerPort 27019

plz guys i need your help... Thank you


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