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Access Alto is a leading global provider of VMware hosting with more industry awards and product firsts than any other. With guaranteed 100% up time, 24/7 support and a comprehensive service level agreement, the Access Alto EVS platform delivers a powerful yet cost effective cloud hosting solution.


Agile and advanced

Built on vSphere 5.5 technologies from VMware, StratoGen EVS is an enterprise-grade cloud platform available in 6 data centres across 5 regions in US, Europe and Asia. The StratoGen cloud has the scale, performance and security to exceed your organisation's needs.

It includes self-service functionality well beyond that of competing platforms. Instantly build networks, deploy firewalls, configure rule sets or create VPN's all from a single user interface. Add in high availability load balancers with a single click to deliver the highest levels of performance and resilience.


VMware Cloud Hosting

The Access Alto cloud offers many significant features that are unique to our VMware based infrastructure.


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